Application of information technology in the management of a smart urban water supply system in Vietnam

Thi Ngoc Dung Nguyen, Van Nam Nguyen*

Hanoi Architectural University

Received 15 February 2019; accepted 4 June 2019



Smart water supply is an essential demand of cities in Vietnam and worldwide. For the construction, operation, and management of a smart water supply system, using information technology (IT) solutions is imperative. Examples include the application of IT in the automatisation of water production operations; use of a geographic information system (GIS) for the management of water supply networks; and digitalisation for ensuring cash-free payment methods. IT solution applications can be classified into five main groups, some of which are proposed by the present authors. Many software for operations management of smart water supply system, which are present in this paper, have been applied in Vietnam. Therefore, IT plays a critical role in the field of smart urban water system management in Vietnam.

Keywords: management software, SCADA, smart water supply, WaterGems.