The cover illustrates an Automated fibre Placement (AFP) machine at Concordia, which has the ability to manufacture structures of different shapes at relatively higher speeds. The machine was manufactured by Automated Dynamics in New York (USA). It has 6 degrees of freedom. It can process both thermoset composites and thermoplastic composites. It uses a hot gas torch as the source of heating. Even though this machine is much smaller than the industrial type of machine, it has all the necessary features of a typical AFP machine. This paper presents an overview of the applications of AFP for the processing of structures made from thermoset matrix and thermoplastic matrix composites. Advantages and disadvantages, along with issues associated with the use of this new technique in the processing of each type of material will be discussed.

To get more understanding about the topic, please see the full article "Automated manufacturing of composites" in pages 28-37 of this issue.

Published: 2018-03-15

Correlation between optical characteristics and NO2 gas sensing performance of ZnO nanorods under UV assistance

Thi Thu Do, Thi Hien Hoang, Thi Anh Thu Do, Quang Ngan Pham, Hong Thai Giang, Ha Trung Bui, Trung Tran, Truong Giang Ho (Author)