Scientists from Integrated Circuit Design Research and Education Center (ICDREC) have succeeded in researching, designing and making HF RFID chip, card and reader through proceeding the national science & technology project “Designing and making RFID chip, card and reader and building up application system”, which helps automate in-out staff management, mutual property protection, data statistic to analyze and improve human resource management quality. In addition, this system is able to integrate more helpful functions which a line of high frequency (HF) chip is attached to payment cards, in/out controlling… and a line of  ultra-high frequency (UHF) chip is attached onto goods. 

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) which is an identification technology by ratio wave, strongly developed all over the world in recent years for the purpose of replacing old identification technology such as barcode, magnetic tape ect. does not include the encryption features to protect users. HF RFID chip is able to contain and encrypt the necessary information by digits; these data are stored and retrieved by using energy inside read/write head with no need of installing a separating source for chip, so it has a compact shape like card, bracelet… to make it comfortable for users. A system of RFID technology includes 3 parts: chip/card (contains information of applications and users), read/write head (interacts and proceeds data inside chip), network infrastructure and software solutions. This software will be directly attached on equipment or a specialized server depending on complexity level of applications.

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