In progress of implementing a national research project, officers from Centre for Applications of Nuclear Technique in Industry have succeeded in manufacturing a industrial gamma ray CT scanner (COMET).

This device includes 3 operation modes:

  1. 1st generation principle: one source- one NaI detector.
  2. 2nd generation principle: one source- 8 LYSO detectors.
  3. 3rd generation principle: sector open source- 12 NaI detectors. 



Structure of translational and rotary motion is controlled with high accuracy, synchronized with radioactivity measurements and quick signal processing, which helps reduce scanning time for objects with large diameter and complex materials within 2 hours and 2mm in spatial resolution. Photography algorithm is developed and integrated in a controlling computer, which allows choosing the best image regenerating method. COMET device can be used to survey such phenomena as sedimentation, material erosion or status of insulation layer inside pipeline. It also can be used to serve for researching on material structure in laboratory.

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