That was the President Ho Chi Minh’s speech quoted by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc in a statement in order to emphasize the importance of scientific research activities in reality in the National Online Conference chaired by the Ministry of Science and Technology in January 2016 in Hanoi with the participation of the Prime Minister; Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam,; Leaders of the Ministries of: Agriculture and Rural Development, Industry and Trade, Health, National Defence, and Planning and Investment; Leaders of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology..., and leaders and representatives of the departments of 63 cities and provinces all over the country.

At the Conference, the Minister of Science and Technology Chu Ngoc Anh presented the year-end scientific and technological report of 2016 and the tasks for 2017 to the delegates. Accordingly, the outstanding results of the science and technology sector in the past year can be listed as follows:

- The system of legal documents on science and technology continued to be completed with the consistent thoughts that the enterprises would be the main vector of science, technology and innovation activities. Meanwhile, there should innovate the management methods of science and technology tasks, create a legal corridor of openness and equality for all public and non-public sectors, local and overseas Vietnamese scientists to take part in science and technology activities.

- A variety of science and technology fields coordinated all aspects to brought visible results contributing to the socio-economic development.

- The national innovation start-up ecosystem has been growing rapidly, creating a new generation of businesses which are based on the exploitation of the intellectual properties and have the capacity for global market access. The development of science and technology market continued to be promoted with the role as a bridge between science and technology activities with production and trading.

- The meritocratic policies in science and technology have been issued and initially applied in real life.

- The legislations for promoting the transformation of scientific and technological institutions into the mechanism of autonomy and self-responsibility have been completed; the methods of determining and selecting the scientific tasks have been innovated and transferred towards assigning responsibility for the final result and performed the post-inspection mechanism.

- The mechanisms and policies to encourage and support enterprises on investing in technology research and innovation have made a positive impact on helping enterprises improve productivity, quality and competitiveness of products and services. The mobilization of funds outside the state budget for science and technology activities has been executing.

- The communications of science and technology has been promoting with the multiple forms of information, contributing to spreading the science and technology innovation policies and mechanisms to people to understand the role and contribution of science and technology activities for the development.

In addition to these achievements, the science and technology still faced many weaknesses and shortcomings:

First, the organization and implementation of scientific and technological tasks were lacking in appropriate priorities, policies, powerful solutions to create breakthroughs in the Vietnam focus. Therefore, scientific and technological spearheads of advanced level which are able to compete equally with the region and the world have not yet been formed.

Second, the financial mechanisms for science and technology activities which have been removed but still inadequate need to be completed to fit the particularities of science and technology activities. Practical and effective mechanisms and policies to attract social resources and enterprises to invest in science and technology have not been set up.

Third, the meritocratic policies in science and technology department have been implemented but not strong enough to attract talented young scientists or overseas Vietnamese scientists to participate in science and technology tasks.

Fourth, there have been lacking in scientific research, technological research and development activities and the commercializing research results leading to difficulties in the process of implementing.

Fifth, Vietnam’s science and technology level in general lags far behind other advanced countries in the world. The regulations to control the technology transfer are backward and cause environmental pollution.

Sixth, there has not been able to mobilize social resources as well as business investment in science and technology. Linkage between research and training, research and market, and scientists and businesses are weak.


At the Conference, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc praised Science and Technology Department for achieving great results last year. He also expressed 4 issues that need to be solved in the future: i) Vietnam’s technology level has been still at low range and has lagged behind in comparison with other countries in the world. ii) Investment performance in science and technology has been not high as expected because researches have been not based on reality. iii) Activities of Science and Technology Council has been unreasonable and impulsive. iv) State management activities in science and technology have made progress but there are still inadequacies. Thereby, Mr. Phuc revealed following 4 solution groups: 1) Continue to renew the mechanisms and policies for science and technology development. 2) Improve high-quality human resources to strengthen science and technology. 3) Attract human resources for science and technology development in order to change the investment methods of State and enterprises with the proportion of 70-30 at present into 30-70. 4) Focus on developing facilities for science and technology. The Prime Minister affirmed that Government is always open and willing to find out solutions for solving difficulties in science and technology, create the best opportunities for science and technology department to contribute to the Vietnam socio-economic development.