Network attacks are increasing day by day, especially targeted APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) attack, a permanent threat to every agency and organization. The combination of firewall and a device against targeted APT attacks is a comprehensive solution which helps agencies, organizations, and businesses early detect, alert, and prevent the risk of attack. The kit includes Bkav IPS Firewall Next Generation (BIF), Bkav Network Inspector (BNI) for the warning, and Bkav Total NAC (BTN) for controlling information security policy.

The BTN standardizes network security policies and blocks APT attacks of malicious codes. Currently, the NAC (Network Admission Control) solutions popular on the market are featured to ensure that every computer is installed with the antivirus software; however, this measure does not protect against viruses used in APT attacks. BTN is a more comprehensive NAC solution integrated with advanced features for antiviruses in APT attacks.
The kit developed by Bkav experts for 10 years is fully integrated with data recorded from APT attacks domestically and internationally. BNI is the outer protective equipment for the detection and warning of attacks. Besides monitoring the availability of critical services in the system, BNI can detect early undercover attacks that are typical in APT attacks, and then provides alerts for system administrators to isolate and handle the attacked computer to prevent hackers from interfering with the system.

Besides the device against targeted APT attacks, Bkav also launched the firewall device BIF. This is one of the new generation firewalls in the world, fully equipped with features of preventing denial-of-service attacks and web intrusion.

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