This is a product of the national scientific and technological project “Completing the design and technology and manufacturing the automatic home grow system”, directed by M.Sc. Nguyen Van Cuong - ELATEC Co., Ltd.

The system operates under automatic, semi-automatic, or manual modes as required; is the combination between automation technology and biotechnology, in accordance with the specific conditions of the crops, climate, and people of Vietnam. On the other hand, using the technology of digital electronics and modern information technology and communication, and using modern IC as the hardware help the system work well and stably with a compact design, saving energy, and high anti-interference ability.
This automatic home grow system has the standard configuration (adjustable to the customer demand), including a central control cabinet, a dynamic control cabinet and measuring instruments, a module of home grow with an area of 500-2000 m2. The system can monitor the parameters as temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, solar radiation intensity, acid-base balance, and the EC-value of irrigation solutions, and it can also control: the irrigation pump, humidifier, pulling the blinds, closing or opening the roof, switching the lights, and mixing nutrients in an exact proportion.


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