By applying radiation in mutation treatment method, scientists from the Inbred Rice Research and Development Center (Field Crops Research Institute) have researched and successfully created the N25 variety.

N25 rice variety has an average growth period (120-125 days in spring, 90-95 days in harvest time), neat leaf canopy, long ears, medium to large grains placing closely together, many grains per ear. The cooked rice is delicious, soft, not mushy when using with soup, and not tough when being cold, and has bold flavor. The variety is also resistant to pests, and its average productivity is from 70 to 75 quintals per hectare (with good intensive farming). Particularly, the N25 rice variety is ripe early; thereby, when it rains at the end of the season, the variety will not be harmed by Xanthomonas campetris like the Bac thom 7 will. With the mentioned advantages, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has recognized the N25 variety as a technical advance and permitted to produce in the northern provinces from August 2017.

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