In the context of the radio and television license fee collection facing many difficulties due to the lack of accurate measurement of the used unit, AiBiz Media and Technology Solutions Joint Stock Company announced the successful development of a technology that monitors the use of music on TV and radio channels based on an open source platform and the audio matching technology.

Accordingly, the technology enables users to record all information about the authors and the performancers; moreover, the channel, program, and the exact time they were on air are also provided. For those units that own collective rights and have given evidence of whom they are authorized by, the software shows statistics and sorts them out into reports which record possessive subjects or reckon each artist’s on-air frequency.

The technology will help: (1) TV/radio stations have a foundation for negotiating the price and paying the authors and singers the exact license fee; (2) Businesses which earn money from music production and distribution, and celebrity images have a foundation for negotiating the copyright rates; (3) Singers and musicians can take control of their appearance frequency in the market, from which they have a basis for strategic planning, a reasonable communication plan; and more importantly, (4) The technology solution will make the music industry becomes more transparent and promote the development of Vietnam’s creative culture at present and in the future.

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