For the first time, a scientific database taken from the online journal system nationwide has been developed and integrated into the Vietnam Citation Index (VCI) database. The system will support the search and provision of information in the management, training and scientific research of different sectors. It is responsible for not only database management but also integrating many useful information analysis tools that enable the statistics and evaluation of the quality, level of impact, and influence of published scientific works on domestic scientific journals, productivity and publication quality of individuals and scientific organizations, and even the basic scientific development index of a country.

Currently, after being unanimous in the standards and scoring, Steering Committee of VCI has reviewed about 300 Vietnam’s scientific journals according to VCI standards. Selected journals are listed in different indexes including the VCI Science Citation Index and the VCI Social Science Citation Index. According to the plan of VCI’s Steering Committee,  science books will be reviewed according to VCI standards in 2018 and added to the VCI Book Citation Index; scientific conference proceedings will be added to the VCI Conference Proceedings Citation Index.


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