Nowadays, giving information in mining areas through manually writing and updating method is still applied in many Vietnam’s pit coal mines. The information can only be seen by using pit lights from a short distance, which is time-consuming and not fast enough to update the important information.

To overcome these limitations, Vietnamese scientists from the Institute of Mining Science and Technology (VINACOMIN) have developed a technical solution, designed, and manufactured successfully a LED board system that meets the standards of explosion-proof verification and spark safety. It allows users to update information remotely by computer software or locally by handheld devices which display the continuously real-time temperature and humidity values at the location in which the LED board is installed.

The process of conducting the experiment at the minus 140-level pit of the Thong Nhat coal mine showed the stability, accuracy, and reliability of the LED system,  meeting the requirements in design, environmental conditions, and the production process.


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