Through implementing the project "Research into the breeding of high quality pineapple varieties for fresh and processed foods", scientists from the Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute (Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences) have successfully created the pineapple variety H180.

Pineapple H180 has dark green leaves, leave edges with no spines or a few spines, which is convenient for care and harvest. Narrow leaf angles allow to increase the plant density in order to increase the yield. The rate of flowering is high (over 90%); the time from planting to the flowering treatment (aiming at the distribution of harvesting) is quite short (340-349 days). The individual fruit is large and shallow; the pineapple fruit has an average weight of 1.4-1.9 kg/fruit. Fruit flesh has fresh yellow colour; good aroma, sweetness, and crispness; low fibre; Brix degree of 17.4-17.6%; dry matter of 17.4-17.7%; total sugar of 15.5-15.8%; total acid of 1.45-1.55%, so it is suitable for fresh food, especially for export. The average yield is 75-78 tonnes/ha; in case of good intensive cultivation, the yield can reach 90 tonnes/ha. Pineapple H180 has been recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for trial production from October 2017.

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