Currently, the problems and concerns of shrimp farmers include scattering the shrimp feed and monitoring the temperature and pH of water in ponds to control and solve incidents in time. However, the present feeding for shrimps in Vietnam is done by hand or by fixed machines. The method of manual feeding has the disadvantages as low productivity, high labour cost, etc. The method of feeding shrimps by fixed machines has improved the productivity problem, but the amount of food is still not distributed evenly. And at the same time, leftover food around the location of fixed machines can lead to the risk of causing shrimp pond pollution, damaging to shrimp farmers. Based on these facts, scientists of CVTECH Joint Stock Company have researched and fabricated successfully the IoT-integrated automatic feeder for shrimps.

The automatic feeder installed in a shrimp pond in Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh City


The machine has the main specifications as follows: Capacity of food container: 30 kg; machine weight: 25 kg; maximum load of float: 100 kg; power consumption when operating: 200 W/h. In terms of features, the machine can automatically feed shrimps by setting the time to feed via a smartphone, or control the feeding machine at any time via a smartphone; user can set the volume of each time of feeding via a smartphone; the amount of food left and the amount of food scattered into the pond can also be monitored and controlled in the smartphone.

In addition, the feeder also has the feature of water monitoring. Specifically, the feeder can report the temperature and pH of water in the shrimp pond to the smartphone, synthesize data charts in hours, days, weeks, and months for users to track or analyze data. Furthermore, the feeder is equipped with a winch motor, which enables the automatic movement of the feeder between pond banks during the process of scattering food for shrimps. This helps to spread food wider on the pond surface, prevent local pollution due to leftover food, and improve the ability of shrimp to access food sources.


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