Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) has recognized that the rice variety Huong Com 4 is a technical advance and is allowed to be grown in the northern provinces during the late spring, summer-autumn, and seasonal crops.

The Huong Com 4, which has been researched and cross-bred by scientists of the Vietnam National University of Agriculture, has the strong growth, good tillering, big ears, long grains, large area of photosynthesis so that the dry matter accumulation into grains is high. Especially, the Huong Com 4 gives the low rate of broken rice and the rate of white rice as 68-70%, suitable for export. The results of the pilot production have shown that the Huong Com 4 has an average yield of 5.5-6 tons/ha (in the seasonal crop) and 6-6.5 tons/ha (in the spring crop) and a good resistance to diseases.

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