The leaves of tea, eugenia, and moringa contain many valuable essences that are good for health, so people often use these leaves with boiled water or for making food. However, these traditional uses often do not make use of all the valuable essences in the leaves. Based on this fact, scientists from the Vietnam National University of Agriculture have researched and successfully produced the spray dryer to extract the essences from green tea, eugenia, and moringa leaves to create high-quality and convenient-to-use products such as green tea powder, eugenia essence, moringa essence, etc.

The advantages of the spray dryer are its stable operation during drying, easy operation and automatic control, short drying time (only seconds to several tens of seconds). Using the extraction method, the product from the dryer retains the taste and essence of the material before drying. The price of the dryer is 30-40% lower than imported products from other countries because it is produced domestically. At present, this spray dryer product is being applied by the Vietnam National University of Agriculture in cooperation with RUSE JSC to produce some commercial products such as pure essences of eugenia, moringa, and curcuma.

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