This is a product of the project "Application of 3D virtual reality simulation technology to build the human body for teaching, learning and research in the field of health sciences" developed by the scientists of Duy Tan University, and it won the first prize of the Vietnamese Talent Awards in the field of information technology.

The product has completed almost all 3D models for systems and organs in the human body such as bones and joints; muscles; blood vessels and heart; nervous system and brain; respiratory system; digestive system; secretory and genital systems; glands and lymph nodes... with many remarkable advantages, helping students visually see each organ, specific anatomy details, and it can also interact directly (rotate, hide, display, move, mark, demonstrate movements, and etc) in 3D space via 3D projectors, 3D glasses, virtual reality glasses, or via Windows, Mac, Linux computers, or via smartphones and tablets (Android or iOS). This has helped some medical schools or training institutions to give students a visual view of the human body at different angles so that they can self-improve their experiences during the learning process to be more confident when entering practical jobs in the future.

In addition, this product is integrated with standard anatomical lesson strutures based on references to many anatomical teaching contents of prestigious universities such as NUS, State University of New York, Purdure. Teachers and learners can also build their own lesson structures and plans (according to their own case study) appropriate for each individual learner. Interestingly, as you study with this application, you can directly look up data in English, Vietnamese and Latin through sample information, helping to gain more comprehensive knowledge.



For more information, please contactM.A. Van Chung Le - Center of Visualization & Simulation, Duy Tan University

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