The cold drying system MSL 300 include: central controller, closed-loop air control system, chassis, drying chamber which consists of thermal spray coated or stainless steel trays, and heat generator.

The technical specification of the system is as follows: weight: 120 kg; dimension: 10x95x150 cm; volume of drying chamber: 300 liters; capacity: 20 kg/batch; operating temperature: 10-60oC; moisture content of resulting products: 5-20%. MSL 300 uses a control unit which automatically adjusts the parameters such as drying temperature, humidity and drying time through the buttons on the control panel. Thanks to the LCD display of these parameters during the drying process, users can easily monitor and control the system.

The MSL 300 cold drying system is used for drying fruits, agricultural products and vegetables, some types of foods (meat types...), seafood (shrimp, fish...), with the advantage of keeping the flavour of products.


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