The species of oyster mushroom PN1 is made by scientists from the Vietnam National University of Agriculture. The PN1 has a strong mycelium, good growth on many kinds of materials, especially on the source of organic straws (raw materials without sterilisation at high temperature).

The period of mycelium growth is shorter than that of other mushroom varieties by 3-5 days. Fruit body can grow in a wide temperature range (16-35oC); the colour of the fruit bodies vary markedly with the season; the time of fruiting is evenly distributed in the culture cycle (not focused on several time points as other mushroom varieties), which facilitates the consumption of fresh mushrooms. The PN1 also has a good resistance to pests, mould and other diseases (<5%). Especially, it can grow and develop in many crops during the year with a stable yield (700-750 kg fresh mushroom per a ton of dry material, about 20% higher than other mushroom species).

For more information, please contactM.A. Thi Bich Thuy Nguyen - Faculty of Biotechnology, Vietnam National University of Agriculture

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