Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has recognized the pure rice variety Kim Cuong 111 as a technical progress. This is a rice variety researched and selected by the scientists of the Southern Seed Corporation.

Kim Cuong 111 has an average growth time of 130-135 days in the spring crop, 105-110 days in the seasonal crop (if sowing, it can reduce by 3-5 days of growth), and has other properties as follows: flat leaf blade, good and focused tillering, big spikelet, high rate of effective spikelets, average yield of 7-8 tons/ha (8-9 tons/ha for intensive farming), good resistance to pests and cold weather. The Kim Cuong 111 grains are slim and long (high rate of white rice, brown rice); boiled rice is white, soft, and strong in taste. This rice variety is recommended for production in late spring and early seasonal crops in the Northern provinces.


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