One of the problems of fish farmers is the scattering of shrimp feed. If the feed is scattered too much, fish will not be able to eat up, causing waste of feed and environmental pollution; in contrast, if the feed is not enough, it will not guarantee the growth of fish. To solve this problem, scientists of CVTECH Joint Stock Company have researched and successfully produced an automatic fish feeder integrated with IoT technology.

The feeder is connected to a central controller that allows farmers to feed the fish in a fully automated way, ensuring no redundant and unnecessary food for fish. Specifically, using the central controller, farmers can set the time of turn-on or shutdown and the time of each feeding point via smartphone; it can also give warnings when the amount of feed left in the machine is running out and can turn on/off the fish pond lights via smartphone. In addition, the machine also has a ringing sound when feeding, which helps the fish form the habit of gathering around the feeding area and eating up all the food, avoiding redundancy, waste, and pollution.


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