Smartschool software is designed and developed by Smartschool Joint Stock Company to assist in the teaching and learning of history in high school.

The software consists of two elements: electronic lesson plans (standard lesson plans system and lesson planning software) and digital library of historical books. The e-lesson plan system is based on the standards of the Ministry of Education and Training, with a completely new approach applying advanced information technology and graphical techniques in order to help teachers give lively, exciting and interesting lessons to students. The lesson planning software is a handy, useful, easy-to-use and visual editing tool that makes it easy for teachers to create and edit their own lesson plans with maximum support from the digital library. In particular, teachers can download them to a computer and present them in classrooms without the need for an internet connection, making teaching easy and continuous. The digital library of history includes the main sources of materials as follows: text materials, image materials, video materials, schematics, historical maps, etc. This software is currently being deployed in schools throughout the country.


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