Through the implementation of the project "Completing the technological process and implementing the nano-CuCl production line applied for nanoparticle fertilizers with the anti-fungal effect on some plants", scientists from the Institute of Applied Materials Science (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology) has successfully researched and built the technological process of producing multifunctional nanoparticle fertilizers containing CuCl/chitosan nanoparticles at the capacity of 5,000 liters/month (liquid form) and containing CuCl/zeolite 4A nanoparticles at the capacity of 1,000 kg/month (powder form).

This type of fertilizers not only help plants to grow well but also has the ability to prevent diseases caused by fungi, such as rice leaf blast disease, brown spot disease on dragonfruit, and quick wilt on black pepper. By making use of the available materials in Vietnam and creating high added-value products, production costs and product prices are considered appropriate for farmers.

For further information,contact to: Institute of Applied Materials Science

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Email: (Dr. Lai Thi Kim Dung - Secretary of the project);

Tel: +8428.38243507.