In order to manage the production of safe vegetables under the VietGAP standards, the research team of RAVI Fresh Food Company Limited has built a RAVI system of product traceability and anti-counterfeit.

Accordingly, the weather and growth process indicators of each type of vegetables and fruits are installed, updated continuously with AI algorithms and the corresponding results will be given to the person in charge of cultivation, including the timing of the fertiliser application, the amount of water needed, the harvesting time. The advantage of the system is that the data of the production process (watering, fertilising, pesticides...) are put into it transparently, which makes it easy to trace the source of products, giving the consumer confidence in the origin of the product. With built-in features, the system also facilitates production planning, making it easier, more convenient, and remotely accessible (computers connected to the Internet). Currently the system has been applied at the company's farms in Bac Giang, Yen Bai, and Hanoi and has transferred to some other production units in the country with the customer trust and appreciation.


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