The technological process of producing Cu2+ zeolite


Scientists at the Institute of Applied Materials Science (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology) have completed a technological process of producing NaA zeolite from kaolin; a technological process of producing Cu2+ zeolite from NaA zeolite; a technological process to produce preparations containing Cu2+ zeolite for treating the aquacultural environment with the capacity 500 kg/batch; a technological process of producing micro-element fertilizers containing Cu2+ zeolite which stimulates the growth of crops, with the capacity of 1000 kg/batch. 

Pineapple H180


Through implementing the project "Research into the breeding of high quality pineapple varieties for fresh and processed foods", scientists from the Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute (Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences) have successfully created the pineapple variety H180.

The maize hybrid VN5885


Thanks to the single cross breeding method, scientists at the Maize Research Institute (Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences) have succeeded in creating the maize hybrid VN5885.

Electricity generation from waste


Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology in cooperation with the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment jointly held a workshop on the technology of electricity generation from waste.

Vietnam Citation Index of peer-reviewed literature


For the first time, a scientific database taken from the online journal system nationwide has been developed and integrated into the Vietnam Citation Index (VCI) database. The system will support the search and provision of information in the management, training and scientific research of different sectors.

A technology that monitors music copyright on television and radio


In the context of the radio and television license fee collection facing many difficulties due to the lack of accurate measurement of the used unit, AiBiz Media and Technology Solutions Joint Stock Company announced the successful development of a technology that monitors the use of music on TV and radio channels based on an open source platform and the audio matching technology.

N25 rice variety


By applying radiation in mutation treatment method, scientists from the Inbred Rice Research and Development Center (Field Crops Research Institute) have researched and successfully created the N25 variety.

The 10th Vietnam - Japan Scientific Exchange Meeting 2017


Recently, the 10th Vietnam - Japan Scientific Exchange meeting (VJSE 2017) took place in Shibaura University, Tokyo, Japan. Vietnamese Students’ Association cooperated with Vietnamese scientists’ Network in Japan to organize the meeting. 

The catalyst used to convert H2/CO2 into methanol


Recently, the National Office of Intellectual Property - Ministry of Science and Technology issued the Decision No.38534/QD-SHTT on granting the exclusive certificate of utility solution No.1528: "The catalyst used to convert the H2/CO2 mixture into methanol and the method of methanol production using this catalyst" of the Petrovietnam Research and Development Center for Petroleum Processing (PVPro), Vietnam Petroleum Institute.

The catalyst used to remove oxygen from bio-oil using hydrogen


The National Office of Intellectual Property - Ministry of Science and Technology recently issued the Decision No.38533/QD-SHTT on granting the exclusive certificate of utility solution No.1527: "The catalyst used to remove oxygen from bio-oil (biomass pyrolysis oil) using hydrogen and the process of hydrodeoxygenation of bio-oil by using this catalyst."

Socialisation of Science and Technology services: emerged issues


Socialisation of Science and Technology (S&T) services is one of the important measures to improve the national S&T efficiency and potential. Looking back on the ten-year period (2006-2016), there have been positive results in the socialisation of S&T services. However, there are many things to be considered in order to further accelerate this activity in the upcoming time. 

Wet sand blaster for hull cleaning


Cleaning is an important and necessary step in the process of manufacturing as well as repairing and finishing ships. The traditional method of cleaning by dry sand shows the greatest inadequacy of environmental pollution. This is why the authors of Pha Rung Shipbuilding One-Member Limited Company have researched, designed, and fabricated a wet sand blaster to replace the traditional dry sand blasting method.

Environmentally friendly fire-resistant hydraulic oil


The engineers from Vinacomin - Materials Trading JSC. have successfully studied and manufactured the environmentally friendly fire-resistant hydraulic oil named Cominlub TLG HFS so as to create a breakthrough product contributing to improving working conditions and productivity for the miners.

Ca trù singing - An intangible heritage of Vietnamese


Ca trù became a fully developed music genre in the 15th century. At that time it was often performed in the village communal house on the occasion of worshipping the village tutelary god. Later, it was performed in the royal palace, private houses, “singing bars” (ca quán), and singing competitions (known as Hát thi). About melody/tune, Ca trù musical forms or pieces are referred to as thể cách. Each of these musical forms consists of two components: music and poem.

The automatic home grow system


This is a product of the national scientific and technological project “Completing the design and technology and manufacturing the automatic home grow system”, directed by M.Sc. Nguyen Van Cuong - ELATEC Co., Ltd.

Wifi Access Point Device for the Network VNPT Wifi


Through the implementation of a national scientific and technological sub-project under the project "Researching, training, and building the high-tech infrastructure" within the framework of "National program for high-tech development by 2020", VNPT Technology has researched and manufactured a device for wifi access point used in the VNPT wifi network.

Device kit against targeted APT attacks


Network attacks are increasing day by day, especially targeted APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) attack, a permanent threat to every agency and organization. The combination of firewall and a device against targeted APT attacks is a comprehensive solution which helps agencies, organizations, and businesses early detect, alert, and prevent the risk of attack.

Sustainable use of water resources in Mekong River


The article analyzes how the current state of using water resources in the Mekong Delta has brought the efficiency to Vietnam’s socio-economic development in recent years and what should be improved in the context of climate change...

Kon Tum to succeed in breeding of Anoectochilus sp.


The Center for High-tech Agricultural Research and Development of Mang Den, Kon Plong district (Kon Tum province) has successfully researched and bred the Anoectochilus sp. using the tissue culture method.

New shiitake species discovered in Lam Dong


On February 8th 2017, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Le Xuan Tham announced that he and his colleagues had identified the second species of shiitake mushroom in Vietnam and the eighth one in the world.

“Science must be from production and serve production”


That was the President Ho Chi Minh’s speech quoted by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc in a statement in order to emphasize the importance of scientific research activities in reality in the National Online Conference chaired by the Ministry of Science and Technology in January 2016 in Hanoi.

Total hip joint for Vietnamese


Scientists from National Key Laboratory of Digital Control and System Engineering have manufactured this product for the national science and technology project “Research on designing, manufacturing and testing the artificial total hip joint” (code KC03.24/11-15).

Industrial CT scanner


In progress of implementing a national research project, officers from Centre for Applications of Nuclear Technique in Industry have succeeded in manufacturing a industrial gamma ray CT scanner (COMET).

HF RFID chip, card, and reader


Scientists from Integrated Circuit Design Research and Education Center (ICDREC) have succeeded in researching, designing and making HF RFID chip, card and reader through proceeding the national science & technology project “Designing and making RFID chip, card and reader and building up application system”, which helps automate in-out staff management, mutual property protection, data statistic to analyze and improve human resource management quality.

Nano-metal printing ink


Dr. Dang Thi My with her colleagues (Laboratory for Nanotechnology, Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City) has researched successfully nanosilver ink through the implementation of the national level project "Research on manufacturing silver and copper nano-particle ink used in inkjet technology and the manufacture of micro - nano components" in the National Program of Science and Technology, code KC02/11-15.

LED module using radiator technology by nanocarbon liquid


This is a product of an independent research project under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology "Research into applying nanocarbon tubes for radiator liquid of high-power electronic components", conducted by Dr. Bui Hung Thang (Institute of Materials Science).

USB drive "immune" to viruses


In order to contribute to improving the safety and security of digital information, scientists from the Institute for Military Science and Technology (Ministry of National Defence) have successfully studied and manufactured the USB drive with information security (VS-key locking).